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"At this moment in time the club have full membership"

Match Fixtures:     We have approx 34 League matches throughout the summer on every Thursday and  18 friendly  matches every other Tuesday.

Lakes:     The club fish a variety of waters and have suitable pegs for wheelchairs users

Helpers:  The club do have helpers who are members of the club to help you to your swim, they are also placed near those that may need help in any situation.

Fees:     We do have a small membership fee per  year,   this covers the cost of the Xmas fare plus Trophies etc, the club does not make any profit it goes on running of the club only.

Lake fees:    These are paid on the day by the member as we do not own any lakes plus we are not affiliated  with any other clubs.

Joining:    Whether you are young old Male or Female but but you are disabled and like to fish contact us, plus, if you are interested as a helper and fish we look forward to hearing from you. Due to the peg numbers on lakes   fished we do have a membership limit up to 24.

Committee 2009

Chairman – John Chapman          Secretary / Treasurer - David Goose       

Match Secretary – Alf Leeder         Vice Match Sec - John Chapman

Committee Member – Chris Humphrey

If you cannot attend or need any information regarding Matchers, or email >>

Norwich Disabled Cub Rules

*Pegs:     Please make sure that all rubbish i.e., line etc.

*Cans:    Paper etc is cleared from around your peg before you leave.

*Pegs:    If your peg is unfishable for one reason of another, make sure you see the match secretary first before       changing pegs, before the match start.

*Bait:     Bait such as paste is not to be used at Venues unless stated at the venue being fished.

*Hooks:     Barbless hooks are to be used at all times unless stated at the venue being fished.

*Poles & Rods:     No Polly balls or the such like are to be used, a float must be used at all times unless you are on a ledger.

*Language:    All bad language is to stop at venues as it can  and has offended other people fishing nearby, the club must keep its good name. All the above rules was raised at meetings and passed by all members present. Above all gentlemen enjoy your fishing.

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