Fishing Club for the Disabled of Norwich

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      About 1989-90 Mike Stanley ( above ) was fishing at Costessy Lakes with his son when Dick came along in a wheel-chair looking forward to a days pleasure fishing, there was about four pegs for the Disabled but they were all full by anglers who were not disabled and would not move. Mike then helped Dick to set up and had a good days fishing together, in those early days there was not much available for the disabled.

     Mick who was a member of the Norwich Dragon C.B. club asked a few members to form a fishing club for the disabled, wheel-chair bound and the walking wounded, as there was no such club in the Norwich area that could help out people with these type of problems. The Disabled N.D. members set up a small committee to get things under way, with a little advertisement in our clubs News Magazine plus the local paper we soon had enough members to get the club in full swing.

    Our first and main problem was getting to the bank side over rough ground with all our fishing tackle, a couple of our N.D. members ie ( C.B. Club) offered to come with us on our trips out as helpers, without these people it would not have been possible to continue. Over the first couple of years we came across a lot of little problems, these we over come a little at a time. A lot of the fishing venues we went to were not always suitable after seeing our problems, the owners of the venues were more than helpful, they made small ramps for the wheel chairs with a pad at the lakeside for the people in chairs to fish in safety, and we always had a helper near by just in case any person needed help of any kind, without these helpers it would not have been possible.

    Over the past few years things have changed a lot, there are now many Disabled fishing clubs which have been formed all over the U.K. Most of the fishing venues over the country cater for the Disabled in more ways than one, like many others we started out the hard way as I am sure many others did. Our club has been very successful over the years, and is still going very strong, we have sadly lost some of our members who started the club namely Mike the founder. All the venues around Norwich are now Disabled friendly and help in any way they can, I just wish it was like that 10 years ago.

On Febuary 27th 2003, Bob Nudd the 4 times World Angling Champion was doing an artical for the Angling Times on Barford Pleasure lakes, when he finished he took the time to visit our club fishing on the top lake to hand out the winnings, and have his photo taken with one of the founded members David Goose (photo) and the oldest club member, 81 year old Les Ambrozevich (photo